Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Become the Best Version of You. Calm, Confident and Happy.

About Me

In 2015 I found myself uninspired by life. I had teenage children, worked shifts, was over-weight, unfit and unmotivated. I felt I had lost my identity, literally going through the motions of working and looking after my families needs.
lisa cartlidge portrait
With the use of Hypnotherapy, I started to become calmer, more rational and above all brave, confident and determined. The change started in my personal life, firstly I lost weight and got fit.

Initially, I accepted a challenge from a group of people at work to train for a 6 mile Wolfe Run (Obstacle run). At the time I was over weight and unable to run 1/2 a mile. I completed the Wolfe Run in 3 months, this was the start I needed!
The feeling of achieving a goal was amazing and I was determined never to go back to the old me. I continued to look for challenges that would help me stay focused on my fitness and I have since completed a challenge each year.

In 2016 I cycled GB, 2017 I cycled London to Paris, in 2018 I ran 50miles and in 2019 I completed a Full Ironman (2.4mile swim, 112miles bike, and 26.2miles run). 2020 was going to be 3 Marathons over 3 days along the Jurassic Coast, but COVID got in the way, so that will be next year.
lisa cartlidge portrait

My Journey

Hypnotherapy was a big part of my journey, it allowed me to over come subconscious blocks, which in the past would have stopped me in my tracks. I am now calm and confident, but more importantly determined, brave and courageous, and I believe you can be too!

I now have self-esteem, I feel good about myself, I feel I have a value in society. This is quite life changing, because once you realise you have a value, you can respect yourself more, feel inspired and realise life is worth a little effort.
I understand I have choices, on cold, rainy days when the thought of going for a run or cycle is not so appealing, I remind myself I have a choice, to be the old version of me sitting on the sofa, eating and being bored, feeling worthless. Or just to get out there, knowing that I am looking after myself and my health, knowing and proving that my body is tough and can cope with some rain and cold. Then returning home feeling exhilarated and proud, and knowing I have earned a long soak in the bath and relax on the sofa.

I am passionate about inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. I love watching people transform, overcoming their anxieties and achieve their goals.