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After years of living life for everyone but myself and suffering family trauma and grief, my stress bucket was over flowing. ( I didn’t realise this until I met Lisa).
I knew I desperately needed help but had no idea where to find it. A friend suggested Lisa and I finally made the call to her after a particularly sleepless night during which my head would not allow me to relax.

Lisa put me at my ease straight away and together we embarked upon a journey to find myself. Lisa has transformed my life. 

She has enabled me to take back control of my thoughts. She has helped me to relax, to be calm, to be brave and courageous and to be my own person. 

She has helped me to see my own self worth and to expect respect from others. I will never be able to thank Lisa enough for the way she has helped me, the future now looks bright and I look forward to embracing it.
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After years of crucifying nightmares which left me too scared to sleep, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I thought PTSD was something that service men were affected by, people who suffered harrowing events, not people like me.
I tried to persevere, managing on snatched hours of sleep - my work suffered, my moods were erratic and life was a struggle. 

I saw an advert for hypnotherapy, which was aimed specifically at helping PTSD and realised I had nothing to lose. 

Lisa was amazing, the treatment simple and here I am now, I sleep all night , no nightmares, no fears, no wakefulness. 

If my life can have been transformed like this, anyone's can. Lisa, THANK YOU x
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Prior to meeting Lisa I had suffered for sometime, with flashbacks of several traumatic experiences I have been through. Every night when I led down to sleep, without fail when I closed my eyes and began to relax these flashbacks would start.
Due to the nature of my family life I am sometimes put in a position that would trigger the flashbacks. I would freeze as the images played through my mind as the situation carried on unfolding around me.

Since having my first session with Lisa I have not experienced a single flashback of those images. My mind just does not go there. I am able to recall the images I would see, without any negative emotion attached to it.

It doesn’t come into my mind for me to avoid anymore. It’s amazing!!! It’s been a little over two weeks now and I feel free!
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When I came to Lisa a few months ago I was in a very poor state. My health anxiety coupled with dissatisfaction with my career and general life situation was causing me to have nightly panic attacks.
It got to the point where I needed to sit for long periods on the phone to any help organisations that would listen to me vent, it was the only way I could calm down.

Now, a few months down the line I am back in control of my life and it feels better than I can describe. My nightly panic attacks have ceased completely.

I am back to being my former, happy self and I'm beginning to make the decisions that will shape my life in a much more positive and healthy way. 

All of this is down to Lisa's amazing help and I cannot thank her enough for the transformation of my mental state that she is responsible for, she has given me back control of my life and it's only taken a few months to do.

She's incredibly friendly, personable and a great person to be guiding you through your recovery and I am absolutely sure that whatever your problem, she can transform your life just as she did mine.
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I pretty much told Lisa I was broke, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Low self esteem I had them all for a number of years. Medication, CBT and counselling had helped but I seriously thought I would be like it forever.
How wrong was I! I think Lisa saw me as a challenge, just one session she said see how you get on! I had heard some amazing things from other people who were seeing her, yes I thought I would give it ago, nothing to lose.

I was nervous about it, I needn't have been, Lisa was amazing welcomed me into her lovely home, put me at ease immediately. Before I knew it I had told her everything, things I hadn't even told the doctor or admitted to myself.

Lisa was so easy to talk too (she couldn't shut me up) It all just came out. The process was simple I basically chilled out on the most amazing sofa in the world, whilst listening to what she had to say. I felt so relaxed at no point did I feel uncomfortable, I knew what was going on around me but all times and I felt at peace.

Feeling at peace was something I hadn't felt for so many years. The very first weekend after session one I knew it was working, something major happened, an event which would have in the past have sent my anxiety on overdrive completely freaked me out. 

It didn't, no anxiety, no nervousness no thinking the world was going to end. I sailed through the weekend. Truly amazing, unbelievable I called it Magic.

Since then I've gone from strength to strength, after discussing with my doctor I've halved my medication, I now look at things differently, I look for the good and the positive in everything!

That's down to Lisa and I will never be able to thank her enough, I'm enjoying and embracing life, and yes I do truly believe it's magic. Wonderful life changing magic.
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Having suffered from depression (in the form of bipolar) for many years I was convinced that this was an illness I just had learned to keep on top of.
Most of the time I did a pretty good job, but occasionally the lows would be pretty vile.

I also have weight issues as a result. So in January I went to see Lisa (in all honesty sceptical that she could 'fix' me, just thought it would be nice and maybe help me sleep better)

I was wrong..... 4 months later I am feeling great, no dark times at all. Still refuse to believe I'm 'fixed' but in all honesty I haven't felt this positive for a very long time.

I'm much more determined and focused. Now to crack the weight issue! The power of the mind is an incredible thing and Lisa is incredible at unlocking that positive energy.
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For years I have suffered with extreme anxiety and moderate depression. I tried talk therapy and heavy medication from the drs but nothing seemed to work.
It was getting to a point that it was affecting my business and I was struggling to cope, it would leave me feeling exhausted.

My husband found Lisa on line for me as a possible solution. Working with Lisa has been life changing!

Results were pretty much instant, my anxiety has dramatically decreased and my confidence grown. I am so impressed I can’t help but tell people about it.

  Lisa is brilliant at what she does, putting you at ease straight away, which takes any apprehension out of the process.
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I saw an advert for Solution-Focused hypnotherapy in a local magazine. It contained a testimonial from someone who had suffered crippling anxiety, insomnia and depression for most of their life.
They were quoted as saying that Lisa had “given them back their life”. - Although sceptical about the claim I was willing to try the treatment as I, too, had been suffering from lack of sleep for about 7 years as well as increasing anxiety about everything.

I had come to the point where I was considering medication but felt this was a far better approach if it worked. - I felt that I was becoming a recluse; unwilling to socialise with people I didn’t know well, reluctant to push myself forward into new situations, feeling inadequate, incapable, unproductive, staying in the safe environment of my home rather than interacting with others.

Lisa informed me that most people need about 12 sessions and although this is not a cheap process I felt that my health was certainly worth the investment. - I can’t explain how it works but it does.

Within a week of my first session I was sleeping well. Before the treatment I would have about one good night’s sleep every 2-3 weeks, now it is one not so good night every 2-3 weeks.

Dealing with the anxiety has been a harder process but gradually as the treatment progressed, I was able to focus on the many positive things in my life and cease to worry about the rest.

I feel calmer than I have for years, far more positive, more productive and can now just enjoy being in the present. Some days the old feelings return but I no longer anguish about them knowing that the next day can be better.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this form of hypnotherapy, especially with Lisa, to anyone.
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