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Therapy doesn't have to be a gruelling process. With hypnotherapy, it's like having a great chat with a friend who uplifts you, acknowledges your strengths, and helps you reconnect with yourself (who happens to also be a qualified hypnotherapist).

Unlike traditional counselling that often dwells on past problems, I prioritise moving you forward.

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling calm and confident.
How would your life change?
What amazing things could you accomplish?

When we work together we will focus on unlocking your potential and creating a future filled with growth and achievement.

Together, we'll navigate your journey of self-discovery and empowerment, leaving behind the burdens of the past and embracing a brighter, more fulfilling future.

How does that sound to you?
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Can you relate?

Are you struggling with life's challenges? Are you stuck in a rut feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious?

Imagine this..

Living a full life, waking up every morning excited for what lies ahead. Embrace joy, purpose, and fulfilment each day. Let me help you to break free and find your path to a better life.


“When I went to Lisa, I was at a low ebb, suffering from fatigue, anxiety and lack of confidence. A few sessions of hypnotherapy later, I left feeling positive, confident and relaxed and, a few weeks later, I’m still more productive at work and feeling much happier in myself. Lisa’s a miracle worker! I highly recommend her.”
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Hello, I'm Lisa

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I truly believe that if I can achieve my goals, so can you.
  • Whether it's in fitness or any other aspect of life, find what inspires you.
  • Take that first step, followed by the next, and witness the incredible transformations that can unfold. 
  • Ask yourself, what would your future self want you to have started today? 
  • Envision the possibilities if you took that first step, then the next step and remained consistent.
  • Just imagine where you could be in a year, two years, or even five years from now.
  • Embrace the potential of your journey and the incredible growth that awaits you.
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It’s time to embrace life, let go of stress and anxiety so that you can move forward and unlock your true potential. Working together will enable you to feel calm, motivated, and fulfilled.
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It got to the point where I needed to sit for long periods on the phone to any help organisations that would listen to me vent, it was the only way I could calm down. Now, a few months down the line I am back in control of my life and it feels better than I can describe. My nightly panic attacks have ceased completely.
Lisa has helped me change my life by making me understand that I am in control and able to manage my own thoughts and feelings and keep anxiety at bay. I cannot recommend her service more highly and thank you Lisa for helping me get my life back!
Lisa has given me back my life. I have suffered from crippling anxiety from an early age, she has set me free, I’m happy, positive and able to deal with life. Lisa has helped me to look forward to a brighter, happier, positive future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a compassionate and straight-talking therapist, I work with my clients to help them gain control of their thoughts and emotions. One of the common complaints I hear from clients is that others make them feel a certain way. However, I firmly believe that we have the power to control our own thoughts and emotions, and it is up to us to take responsibility for how we feel. Empowering clients to take control of their thoughts and emotions is a crucial aspect of therapy. By helping clients understand that they have the power to control their own thoughts and emotions, we can help them develop a sense of agency and confidence in their ability to manage their mental health. One of the ways I help clients take control of their thoughts and emotions is by encouraging them to challenge negative thought patterns. Negative thought patterns can be self-limiting and can prevent us from achieving our full potential. By identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, we can learn to reframe our thoughts in a more positive and empowering way. Ultimately, taking control of our thoughts and emotions is about taking responsibility for our mental health. By recognising that we have the power to control our own thoughts and emotions, we can develop a sense of agency and confidence in our ability to manage our mental health. With the right tools and support, anyone can take control of their thoughts and emotions and live a more fulfilling and empowered life.
Hypnotherapy is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Psychotherapy is often known as ‘talking therapy’. The first part of the session is talking. I work in a Solution Focused manner, using conversation to move you towards your best outcome for this session. My aim in to move you away from the past towards your preferred future. How do you want to be? How would you like to feel? What would you be doing differently if you was in a good place? Then during trance, you are in a relaxed state, I use suggestion and visualisation to help you achieve your goals. The trance state is a natural state of mind that you may have experienced before, such as when you are daydreaming or lost in thought. It is a state of heightened focus and concentration. During hypnosis, you are still in control and aware of what is happening around you. You cannot be made to do anything against your will, and you can come out of the trance state at any time. Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to help with a range of issues such as anxiety, phobias, and addiction. By using hypnosis to access your subconscious mind, we can help you make positive changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
The number of sessions you will need can vary depending on your individual needs and circumstances. On average, I would suggest between 6-10 sessions, but some people may need fewer or more sessions depending on their specific situation. It is important to keep in mind that hypnotherapy is a process and progress can vary from person to person. We can discuss your progress as we go along and adjust the number of sessions as necessary to ensure you get the most out of the therapy.
I would then usually suggest that you book and initial consultation/session (each session is £85), where we can meet and I can explain the process to you. You can ask any questions you have and experience trance for the first time. This session will give us an opportunity to discuss your goals and get to know each other better. After the initial consultation, we can discuss the number of sessions that would be required and agree on a plan that works best for you. To book an appointment, you can call me on 07769 320121 or email me at [email protected] with your preferred date and time. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and find a time that works for both of us. Alternatively, if you prefer an informal chat first, please feel free to ring me and I will be happy to speak to you and discuss the hypnotherapy process.
It's completely natural to feel sceptical about trying something new, especially when it comes to something like hypnotherapy. However, I can assure you that hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for positive change if you approach it with an open mind and a willingness to make changes. During our sessions, I will work with you to identify your goals and help you achieve them. I use a Solution Focused approach, which means that we focus on your preferred future and work towards it. I will guide you through the process and help you access your subconscious mind to make positive changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It's important to keep in mind that hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and requires your active participation. If you are willing to work with me and keep an open mind, I am confident that we can achieve great results together.
Each hypnotherapy session is approximately one hour long and costs £125. The initial session may take a little longer than an hour as we will be discussing your goals and getting to know each other better. However, I always allow 90 minutes for all sessions, as I believe it is important for you to feel relaxed and not rushed. You will have my full attention during our sessions and I will ensure that we make the most of our time together. If you have any further questions or concerns about the length or cost of the sessions, please let me know and we can discuss it further.
Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (Issued by the Clifton Practice) Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (Issued by National Council for Hypnotherapy) Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy (Issued by the Clinical Hypnotherapy School)