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Helping Clients heal from the past and achieve their full potential

Lisa Cartlidge

Hypnotherapist in Gloucestershire

I am passionate about helping clients move on from their past, letting go of their fears and start becoming calm, confident and ultimately happy.

I find the transformational process truly amazing.

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  • Panic Attacks - Shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, feeling faint, sweating etc.
  • PTSD  - Flashbacks at unwanted times, trigger our fight or flight mechanism.
  • Insomnia - Taking hours to fall asleep or walking in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep
  • Dissociation - Feeling of being detached from your body and the world around you
  • Physical Illness - Pain, IBS, Migraines are exacerbated.
  • OCD - Obsessive irrational behaviours, from washing hands numerous times, re-checking that the doors, obsessive cleaning to name but a few.  You will know you are being irrational, but cannot stop.
  • Stress and Anxiety - Long term feelings of Overwhelm.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching

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There is a general belief in society that to overcome your past you have to have years of counselling and relive every traumatic and emotional experience you have ever been through. I do not believe this to be true or necessary.
Our brain is in control of everything we do. We are often not aware of how powerful our thoughts are, or indeed that we do have the power to change them at all. Around 90% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours happen on a subconscious level, if what we did yesterday helped us to stay safe, then our brain will want to do it again.

This is great when our brain has positive experiences to look back on. But if you have spent periods of your life in a negative environment, involving trauma and narcissist control it can leave you struggling, and carrying subconscious beliefs that you are unsafe and not good enough, this creates conflict within yourself and puts subconscious blocks in the way. These blocks act like barriers, stopping you from being the person you really want to be or achieving the goals that you really want to achieve.
During my sessions, I help you understand the science behind your thoughts and behaviours and most importantly how to change them. I mainly work in a Solution Focused way, helping you visualise your preferred future in a positive light, one that will see you living life to your full potential.
During this process we can come up against subconscious blocks that get in the way, if this happens, we work through these blocks. We couple all this with Hypnotherapy which quietens the more negative “chimp” part of your brain, allowing your logical, rational and creative brain to work out solutions and create new neural pathways to achieve your goal.

From here you find yourself starting to think and behave in new ways that help you work towards your goals and assist you on the way to becoming the best version of yourself that there can be!

My ultimate goal is to to help you find peace, and hopefully a little spark and passion to ensure you become the best version of you. To help you discover the motivation and determination to seize life and live it to the full.

Leaving your past behind

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Why Choose Me?

I have over 3000hrs of experience behind me. I originally trained in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and started practising full time immediately, but through experience realised that this way of working, although mostly successful had its limits.

This is where I continued to learn and develop as a hypnotherapist, honing my learning and experience to fill these gaps. I now know I have the skills to help you heal from the past and discover your full potential.
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I believe my job is to build a relationship with you based on honesty and respect. It is important that I get to know you as a person, what drives you, what strengths you do have and also where your fears are, and what subconscious blocks are holding you back.

You need to know that above all you can trust me, know that I am not here to judge, but slowly and confidently help you move forward at a time and pace that you feel comfortable with. I work intuitively, knowing when you are ready and able to explore the past and when actually the past is best left in the past and moving forward is the preferred option.

My aim is that after each session you will leave feeling a little lighter and a little brighter and will be able to move a small step forward, and with each small step, you realise that there is hope and that you can overcome any of your limiting beliefs and be that person you really want to be. Hopefully calm, confident and happy.
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It got to the point where I needed to sit for long periods on the phone to any help organisations that would listen to me vent, it was the only way I could calm down. Now, a few months down the line I am back in control of my life and it feels better than I can describe. My nightly panic attacks have ceased completely.
Lisa has helped me change my life by making me understand that I am in control and able to manage my own thoughts and feelings and keep anxiety at bay. I cannot recommend her service more highly and thank you Lisa for helping me get my life back!
Lisa has given me back my life. I have suffered from crippling anxiety from an early age, she has set me free, I’m happy, positive and able to deal with life. Lisa has helped me to look forward to a brighter, happier, positive future.

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