Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Become the Best Version of You. Calm, Confident and Happy.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Are you fed up of constantly feeling overwhelmed, worried, fearful, struggling with low-confidence and self-esteem?

Even simple tasks like going to the supermarket, driving, or meeting friends for coffee can feel overwhelming and stressful, leading you to avoid these situations altogether.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is amazing at clearing your head of those negative intrusive, irrational thoughts, allowing you to work from your more logical and rational part of your mind. This ultimately leaves you feeling calm, confident and happy.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Is anxiety affecting your life?

Do you suffer with the following:

  • Constant worry and apprehension
  • Restlessness and difficulty relaxing
  • Negative racing thoughts and inability to focus
  • Physical symptoms like increased heart rate, sweating, and shortness of breath, even IBS

Causing you to feel overwhelmed and fearful with simple tasks:

  • Avoidance of certain situations or places that trigger anxiety.
  • Social withdrawal and isolation.
  • Procrastination and difficulty making decisions.
  • Irritability and agitation, leading to conflicts in relationships.

Imagine feeling like this:

  • A sense of calmness and relaxation.
  • Ability to deal with stress and challenges.
  • Enhanced focus and concentration.
  • An overall feeling of  emotional well-being and improved quality of life.

You may have even tried to seek help

  • Perhaps you have been to the doctors or had counselling or CBT, but nothing seemed to have worked. 
  • You feel stuck, unable to move forward and don’t know where else to turn.
Imagine feeling like this....

Hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment

Get a more positive mindset - understand how your thoughts and behaviours affect the brain.

Retrain your conscious mind towards a more positive mindset. Understanding the link between your thoughts and  behaviours for long lasting good mood, health and vitality. 

Work on the subconscious to work on re-balancing neuro pathways in the brain to restore peace and harmony, ensuring you can live life calmly, happily and confidently.

How hypnotherapy for anxiety works

Allow up to 1.5 hours
A standard hypnotherapy session is typically 1 hour, but I always allow 1½ hrs to ensure we have plenty of time and so that you don’t feel rushed.

Work in-person or remotely
In person work from my private secluded home address in Stow-on-the-Wold. Or remotely via Zoom, you just need to have a quiet space to talk and that you can lay back and relax during trance.

First part of the session involves psychotherapy / talking therapy
My approach is primarily solution focused. I prioritise exploring how you would like to feel in the absence of anxiety, emphasising forward-focused strategies. While occasional discussions about the past may occur, my main objective is to help you shift away from the problem and towards a more positive future.

Second part of the session involves trance
The second part of the session will involve trance which is a deep, relaxed state where your brain becomes highly receptive to positive suggestions.  It re-balances neuro pathways allowing you to feel calm, relaxed and confident.

Ending the session
Feeling a little lighter and brighter than when you first walked in and able to maintain this positive feeling going forward.  

Anxiety therapist

lisa cartlidge portrait
Price - £125 per session

Hello, I am Lisa, a qualified hypnotherapist and anxiety therapist. You can find out more about me here. As your therapist I work with you to help you gain control of your thoughts and emotions.

Negative thought patterns can be self-limiting and can prevent us from achieving our full potential. By identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, we can learn to reframe our thoughts in a more positive and empowering way.

Combine this with hypnotic trance to access the subconscious mind, where the neuro pathways in the brain are re-balanced, clearing your head of intrusive thoughts, allowing you to work more logically and rationally, ultimately leaving you feeling calm, confident, and happy.

When calm and confident, you exude an aura of inner peace and self-assurance. You can feel comfortable in your own skin and approach life with a sense of purpose and direction.

You can have a sense of resilience, and setbacks can be seen as challenges that can be dealt with positively, calmly, and confidently.


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“When I went to Lisa, I was at a low ebb, suffering from fatigue, anxiety and lack of confidence. A few sessions of hypnotherapy later, I left feeling positive, confident and relaxed and, a few weeks later, I’m still more productive at work and feeling much happier in myself. Lisa’s a miracle worker! I highly recommend”.

“Thanks to the wonderful Lisa I am now free from the anxiety that I have suffered on and off with for years. My head is quiet and it's a wonderful place to be”.

“I can't thank Lisa enough for all of her help. The hypnotherapy has given me my life back instead of constant worry and anxiety, I now have control, confidence and happiness in my life. She has been extremely flexible to accommodate my busy lifestyle. Amazing, thanks Lisa“

FAQs around Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

More general FAQs can also be found here.
Hypnotherapy has been found to be highly effective in managing anxiety, it helps calm the mind, addresses any underlying causes and promotes a positive mindset for long lasting good well-being.
On average, individuals may need 6-10 sessions of hypnotherapy for anxiety, but it varies. Some may require fewer, while others may need more. It depends on each person's unique circumstances and progress.
Hypnotherapy is not currently available through the NHS, although hypnotherapy is a recommended treatment under NICE (National Institute for Clinical and Health Excellence) guidelines for certain conditions.
Deep breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and engaging in regular physical activity are effective coping strategies for managing anxiety. If these are unsuccessful, then seeking professional help such as Hypnotherapy is advised.
Anxiety is a normal response to stress, characterised by feelings of unease, worry, and fear. It can manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally. It becomes a problem when the stress situation has passed, yet symptoms continue.
Signs of anxiety may include excessive worry, restlessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, and sleep disturbances.
Yes, during hypnosis for health anxiety, your stress will be alleviated, underlying causes will be addressed, and irrational thoughts regarding your health will be calmed. This will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and positive.
Yes, there is a strong link between anxiety and IBS, if you are stressed and anxious it affects the gut brain connection making symptoms worse. Gut directed Hypnotherapy has a proven 90% success rate for reducing symptoms in the long term.
Managing anxiety can be achieved through various strategies such as practising relaxation techniques, seeking support from loved ones, engaging in regular exercise. If symptoms persist then hypnotherapy can be an effective therapy.
Hypnotherapy has been found to be highly effective in managing anxiety, it helps calm the mind, addresses any underlying causes and promotes a positive mindset for long-lasting good well-being.