Trauma Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy for Trauma

Complex trauma refers to the long-term, repeated exposure to traumatic events or abusive situations, typically occurring during childhood or a narcissistic relationship.  

Unlike single incident traumas, such as car accidents or natural disasters, complex trauma involves ongoing and pervasive abuse, neglect, or maltreatment by caregivers or authority figures.

Complex trauma often involves a combination of different types of abuse, such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, as well as neglect or witnessing domestic violence. 

This type of trauma can have profound and lasting effects on an individual's psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

The repeated exposure to these traumatic experiences disrupts the individual's sense of safety, stability, and trust in others. It can also interfere with the development of healthy coping mechanisms and the formation of secure attachments.

Trauma hypnotherapy can start a journey of healing, rebuilding a sense of safety, self-worth and trust. We cannot change the past, but we certainly can change the future. Reclaim your life!

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Hypnotherapy for Trauma

Is past trauma still affecting you?

Impact of trauma:

  • Heightened anxiety and hypervigilance.
  • Emotional distress and difficulty managing emotions.
  • Intrusive thoughts and memories of the traumatic event.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns and nightmares.

Common symptoms associated with complex trauma may include:

  • Chronic feelings of shame.
  • Guilt, or self-blame.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships and social connections.
  • Challenges in managing stress or adapting to change.

Effects on daily life:

  • People-pleasing to avoid conflict or rejection.
  • Avoiding certain activities or situations for fear of being ridiculed or judged.
  • Excessive eating or weight gain as a subconscious strategy to make yourself less attractive to potential abusers or to create a physical barrier as a means of self-protection.
  • Impaired concentration and productivity in work or school.

After successful treatment:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence giving you a sense of  freedom and peace.
  • Improved ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Trust in oneself and others, fostering healthy relationships.
  • Ability to have a good night's sleep.
Imagine feeling like this....

Complex trauma hypnotherapy treatment

Get a more positive mindset understand how your thoughts and behaviours affect the brain.

Retrain your conscious mind towards a more positive mindset. Understanding the link between your thoughts and  behaviours for long lasting good mood, health and vitality.

Work on the subconscious re-balancing neuro pathways in the brain to restore peace and harmony, ensuring you can live life calmly, happily and confidently.

How a trauma hypnotherapist works

Allow up to 1.5 hours
A standard hypnotherapy session is typically 1 hour, but I always allow 1½ hrs to ensure we have plenty of time and so that you don’t feel rushed.

Work in-person or remotely
In person work from my private secluded home address in Stow-on-the Wold. Or remotely via Zoom, you just need to have a quiet space to talk and that you can lay back and relax during trance.

First part of the session involves psychotherapy/talking therapy
My approach is primarily solution focused. I prioritise exploring how you would like to feel in the absence of trauma, emphasising forward-focused strategies. While occasional discussions about the past may occur, my main objective is to help you shift away from the past, towards a more positive future.

Second part of the session involves trance
The second part of the session will involve trance which is a deep, relaxed state where your brain becomes highly receptive to positive suggestions. It promotes a focused and suggestible mindset, aiding in behaviour modification and personal growth.

Ending the session
Feeling a little lighter, brighter and more relaxed than when you first walked in and able to maintain this positive feeling going forward.

Trauma Hypnotherapist

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Price - £125 per session

Hello, I am Lisa, a qualified hypnotherapist and trauma hypnotherapist. You can find out more about me and my qualifications here.

As your therapist I work in a mainly solution focused way, I am sure you have spent a lot of time exploring the past, but what if you moved your thoughts away from the trauma, towards your preferred future, explored what your future could look like, no longer trapped in the effects of trauma, but able to live a free and fulfilling future. 

It's understandable that you may have already explored various solutions without finding the relief you seek. Deep breathing techniques may feel impossible during panic attacks, medication may come with unwanted side effects, and traditional therapies like counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may not have provided the desired results.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective at addressing the trauma and its effects, allowing you to change old outdated negative thought patterns.

Using hypnotic trance we access the subconscious mind, where the neuro pathways in the brain are re-balanced, clearing outdated thought patterns and intrusive thoughts.  No longer in “fight or flight”, but allowing you to work more logically and rationally. With a feeling of inner peace, confidence and resilience.

Overall, hypnotherapy is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment for complex trauma. It can help individuals overcome symptoms, develop a positive mindset, and live a more fulfilling and empowered life, free from the burden of past traumatic experiences.

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“Prior to meeting Lisa I had suffered for some time, with flashbacks of several traumatic experiences I have been through. Every night when I led down to sleep, without fail when I closed my eyes and began to relax these flashbacks would start. Due to the nature of my family life I am sometimes put in a position that would trigger flashbacks. I would freeze as the images played through my mind as the situation carried on unfolding around me.

Since having my first session with Lisa I have not experienced a single flashback of those images. My mind just does not go there. I am able to recall the images I would see, without any negative emotion attached to it. It doesn’t come into my mind for me to avoid anymore. It’s amazing!!! It’s been a little over two weeks now and I feel free!”

FAQs around Hypnotherapy for Trauma

More general FAQs can also be found here.
Hypnotherapy has been found to be highly effective in the treatment of trauma, starting a journey of healing, rebuilding a sense of safety, self-worth and trust. We cannot change the past, but we certainly can change the future!
On average, individuals may need 8-12 sessions of hypnotherapy to move on after trauma, but it varies. Some may require fewer, while others may need more. It depends on each person's unique circumstances and progress.
Deep breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and engaging in regular exercise, although when you are struggling these can be much easier said than done. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.
This refers to a single traumatic event that is intense and short-lived, such as a car accident, natural disaster, or physical assault.
Also known as chronic trauma, this type of trauma involves prolonged and repeated exposure to traumatic experiences, often occurring in interpersonal relationships. Examples include ongoing abuse or neglect.
This type of trauma occurs during childhood and can have long-lasting effects on a person's development. It may result from experiences such as chronic neglect, physical or sexual abuse, or witnessing domestic violence.
Narcissistic abuse erodes self-esteem, distorting reality, creating emotional dependency, and subjecting victims to manipulation and control. The constant psychological and emotional abuse leads to long-lasting negative impacts on mental well-being.