Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Become the Best Version of You. Calm, Confident and Happy.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Are you tired of always experiencing overwhelming feelings, excessive worries, and fear, all of which contribute to your low confidence and self-esteem?

Even seemingly easy activities such as grocery shopping, driving, or meeting friends for coffee can trigger stress and make you want to avoid them entirely.

Hypnotherapy designed to boost confidence and self-esteem can work wonders by effectively addressing those intrusive, irrational thoughts that cloud your mind. Through this process, you can tap into the logical and rational part of your mind, leading to a sense of inner calm, increased confidence, and genuine happiness.

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Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem with Hypnotherapy

Are you struggling with low confidence and self-esteem?

- Constantly feeling unsure of yourself and doubting your abilities?
- Finding it hard to relax and focus due to negative thoughts?

Imagine a life with heightened confidence and self-esteem:

- Feeling assured and self-assured in various situations.
- Being able to tackle challenges with ease and composure.
- Enhanced focus and clarity of mind.
- Overall emotional well-being and a higher quality of life.

Hypnotherapy can help you build lasting confidence and self-esteem:

- Addressing negative thought patterns and transforming them into positive beliefs.
- Cultivating a strong sense of self-worth and self-assurance.
- Empowering you to face challenges and overcome obstacles.
- Instilling inner calm and emotional resilience.
- Guiding you towards a positive and fulfilling life.

Have you tried other methods without success?

- Counseling or self-help techniques haven't provided the desired results?
- Feeling stuck and uncertain about how to move forward?

Imagine feeling like this....

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Cultivate a Positive Mindset: Understand the connection between your thoughts and behaviours and how they influence your brain.

Retrain Your Conscious Mind: Learn techniques to promote a more positive mindset, leading to lasting improvements in mood, health, and vitality.

Work on the Subconscious: Through hypnotherapy, re-balance neuro pathways in your brain, restoring inner peace, harmony, and a sense of calm confidence.

How Hypnotherapy for Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem Works:

Flexible Session Duration: Each session typically lasts 1 hour, but to ensure ample time and a relaxed experience, I allow up to 1.5 hours.

In-Person or Remote Options: You can choose to have the sessions at my private and serene location in Stow-on-the-Wold or remotely via Zoom. All you need is a quiet space to talk and a comfortable spot to relax during trance.

Psychotherapy and Solution-Focused Approach: The first part of the session involves talking therapy, where we explore how you envision feeling without anxiety, emphasizing forward-focused strategies to achieve positive outcomes.

Embracing Trance: In the second part of the session, we delve into trance, inducing a deep, relaxed state that allows your brain to be highly receptive to positive suggestions. This helps to re-balance neuro pathways, fostering feelings of calmness, relaxation, and confidence.

Positive Transformation: As the session concludes, you'll leave feeling lighter and brighter than when you arrived, equipped to maintain this positive mindset and outlook in the days ahead.

Confidence Therapist

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Price - £125 per session

Hello, I am Lisa, a qualified hypnotherapist and confidence and self-esteem therapist. You can find out more about me here. As your therapist, I work with you to help you gain control of your thoughts and emotions.

Negative thought patterns can limit our self-belief and hinder us from reaching our full potential. By identifying and challenging these negative thought patterns, we can learn to reframe our thoughts in a more positive and empowering manner.

Combine this with hypnotic trance to access the subconscious mind, where the neuro pathways in the brain are re-balanced, clearing your head of intrusive thoughts and paving the way for more logical and rational thinking. Ultimately, this leaves you feeling calm, confident, and happy.

When you possess inner confidence and self-esteem, you radiate an aura of self-assurance and inner peace. You can comfortably embrace your true self and approach life with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

You will develop resilience, and setbacks will be seen as challenges that can be handled positively, calmly, and confidently.

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I pretty much told Lisa I was broke, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Low self esteem I had them all for a number of years. Medication, CBT and counselling had helped but I seriously thought I would be like it forever.

How wrong was I! I think Lisa saw me as a challenge, just one session she said see how you get on! I had heard some amazing things from other people who were seeing her, yes I thought I would give it ago, nothing to lose.

I was nervous about it, I needn't have been, Lisa was amazing welcomed me into her lovely home, put me at ease immediately. Before I knew it I had told her everything, things I hadn't even told the doctor or admitted to myself.

Lisa was so easy to talk too (she couldn't shut me up) It all just came out. The process was simple I basically chilled out on the most amazing sofa in the world, whilst listening to what she had to say. I felt so relaxed at no point did I feel uncomfortable, I knew what was going on around me but all times and I felt at peace.

Feeling at peace was something I hadn't felt for so many years. The very first weekend after session one I knew it was working, something major happened, an event which would have in the past have sent my anxiety on overdrive completely freaked me out.

It didn't, no anxiety, no nervousness no thinking the world was going to end. I sailed through the weekend. Truly amazing, unbelievable I called it Magic.

Since then I've gone from strength to strength, after discussing with my doctor I've halved my medication, I now look at things differently, I look for the good and the positive in everything!

That's down to Lisa and I will never be able to thank her enough, I'm enjoying and embracing life, and yes I do truly believe it's magic. Wonderful life changing magic.

FAQs around Hypnotherapy for Confidence

More general FAQs can also be found here.
Hypnotherapy has been shown to be highly effective in addressing low confidence and self-esteem. By accessing the subconscious mind and reprogramming negative thought patterns, hypnotherapy helps individuals build a more positive and empowered self-image, leading to increased confidence and self-assurance.
The number of sessions required can vary depending on individual needs and goals. Some people may experience positive changes after just a few sessions, while others may benefit from a more extended treatment plan. Your hypnotherapist will work with you to create a personalized approach that aligns with your specific situation and objectives.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in addressing past traumas that may have impacted your confidence and self-esteem. Through guided hypnosis, you can work on healing and reframing negative experiences, allowing you to release emotional baggage and build a more positive self-perception.
Hypnotherapy is generally safe for the majority of people. However, it is essential to work with a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist to ensure a safe and effective process. Hypnotherapy is not recommended for individuals with certain mental health conditions or those who are unable or unwilling to participate actively in the process.
Yes, hypnotherapy can be particularly helpful in addressing performance anxiety, including fear of public speaking. Through hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind to rewire negative thought patterns and instill a sense of confidence and calmness, enabling you to perform with greater self-assurance and poise.