Hypnotherapy Prices

Become the Best Version of You. Calm, Confident and Happy.

Initial consultation

This alone is a powerful appointment, where I can gain a greater understanding of your situation. I explain the science behind hypnotherapy and how I can help you achieve your desired outcome.
At the same time your can ask as many questions as you like and experience how powerful trance is.
From this one session alone, you should leave feeling lighter and brighter.
You will then be able to make an informed decision of if this is a therapy for you.

Each new client will receive a free relaxation audio recording at the first session.

This will assist with reducing levels of anxiety and stress, and will reinforce the effectiveness of each hypnotherapy session.

Clients are encouraged to listen to the audio recording every day or evening to obtain the maximum benefit from hypnotherapy.

£125 for an approximately 90 minute session.

free discovery call
Each session thereafter we work together mostly in a Solution Focused way, looking at what you want to achieve and the changes you would like to make.

This is followed by guided hypnosis which helps break down any old beliefs and subconscious blocks that have been standing in your way of achieving your desired outcome.

Ongoing sessions are - £125

Children and Students - £115

Approximately 50 to 90 minutes
free discovery call

Ongoing Treatment

lisa cartlidge portrait

Find your inner peace and happiness

learn self love for you and your body

reconnect your mind and body

identify goals

learn self motivation

Find Empowering Beliefs

Create Healthy Habits

When the internal conflict stops you are free to concentrate on the future you desire


Working with Lisa has been life changing! Results were pretty much instant, my anxiety has dramatically decreased and my confidence grown. I am so impressed I can’t help but tell people about it. Lisa is brilliant at what she does, putting you at ease straight away, which takes any apprehension out of the process.
Lisa has helped me so much on so many different levels. Her skill at picking up the key issues and addressing them through hypnotherapy never ceases to amaze me. I feel like a normal very happy person managing my energy intake rather than a frenzied frustrated anxious failure.
Due to the nature of my family life I am sometimes put in a position that would trigger the flashbacks. I would freeze as the images played through my mind as the situation carried on unfolding around me. Since having my first session with Lisa I have not experienced a single flashback of those images.

Location and Contact

Each session can either be held online via Zoom or in person or at my therapy room in Stow on the Wold, following COVID guidelines.

Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, GL54 1HT

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